The Country

UGANDA, known as the “Pearl of Africa,” is strategically placed, heavily Muslim to the north and Christian to the south. Uganda
is mixed.

As you land in Uganda

Time Zone Uganda is +3hrs GMT

At 5,000 ft above sea level on the equator,  temperatures average about 80°F (27°C)  and daylight lasts about 12 hours. It is a rainy region with March-June being the wettest months. Uganda is largely rural and considered a developing country. Sixty percent of the people are 16 yrs and under. About half are literate. Their communities are patriarchal and polygamy is widespread.

The Language

English is the official national language, being taught in grade schools, used in courts of law and by most newspapers and some radio broadcasts). 

The People

The Ugandan greeting is very important. Say “Hello, How are you?” They will respond by saying “Fine. How are you?” You may respond by saying “Fine.” This may be done when shaking hands. Shaking hands softly is a sign of respect, as is speaking softly. They may hold your hand for a long time looking intently in your eyes, but don’t be embarrassed by it. The Christians will insist on carrying your belongings as soon as they see you. It is very offensive if you say “no” to this.  They will guard them with their life. Don’t be put off if Ugandans don’t say thank you
very often.